K&S WINDOW CLING (Free of Charge)


Let your customers know you stock the K&S Precision Line by having your K&S Window Cling on your glass window/door.   Cling is 5" x 4" and free of charge.  Just contact us today or your favoirte supplier for your K&S window cling.


Pull Back Food Racers

Stock #1750 Pull Back Food Racers                                            

Pull Back Food  Racers are great for kids and easy to operate.  Simply pull back, then watch them run!  It is the perfect impulse product.  There are 12 different cars, kids can collect them all.

Introducing the Food Group

Corn                                           Banana

Watermelon                                      Egg

 Chips                                Peanut Butter 

Sausage                                   Cheese

Ice Cream                                 Ketchup

Juice                                                Milk


* Variety Pack comes with 1 each of food group.  Only sold in Variety Packs.


Retail Price $3.49 each   $41.88 a pack.


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