Craft Products

 "Her Hammer" - #6502

  2003 H.I.A. Innovations Award Winner

This beautiful new all in one tool is a must have for all craft stores.  The eye catching floral design is just one reason to buy this tool.  Unscrew the handle to find a stylus, a 1/8" hole punch and an eyelet setter.

Perfect for hammering with the K&S Punch Tool, Embossing K&S Foil and setting eyelets in your scrapbook paper.

 *Hole punch NOT recommended for use on metal.

HER HAMMER VIDEO: (Click on below link)


Her Embosser -#6503

This battery operated tool has unlimited uses and is a must for the serious crafter.  Each one comes with 5 different bits: stylus, etching, drill, sanding, and grinding bits.  Also comes with a universal chuck to fit additional bits for all your project needs. 

Pretty, powerful and easy to use!

            Drill                                     Emboss                               Sharpen



Punch Metals- # 6500


Great for custom metal punched pictures, inlaying in woodworking, antiquing, remodeling d├ęcor and countless other projects. Materials are copper and tin coated steel sheets available in sizes of 5"x7", 6"x 8",8"x10",9"x12" and 12"x18".

6500 Contents


Thicker Copper Sheets/Etching Plates-#6600 Series


Foils -#6000 Series

Gages of 44, 42 and 36.  

Looking for workable metal?  Here it is!  These pegable items feature 4 different types of metal for endless art and craft projects.  These lightweight metals are extremely easy to cut, stamp and crimp to create stunning designs.  Foil product comes in 12 inch wide, 30 inch long rolls. 

6000 Series Contents


5" x 7" Foil Sheets  Stock #6100

These precut sheets are perfect to add depth and design to any scrapbook page. Metal foil is extremely easy to work with as it cuts with everyday scissors and works in die cut machines. Metal can be embossed, punched, and crimped. 5" x 7" sizes comes in brass, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.


Soft and Bendable Metals - #5070-5078

When you see a blue carded item from K&S, it will inform you that the material is soft and bendable! Easy to form, curl, bend, and work with for many types of craft, jewelry, and DIY projects. The bendables come in: aluminum rod, copper rod, brass rod, aluminum tube, brass tube, copper tube, and brass strips. A much needed addition to the K&S Precision Metals Line. These items are found in our 1005M Metric Metals Center Displays.

Clear Plastic Sheets - #1307, #1308 & #1310

 Handy 8.5" x 11" sheets of clear plastic.  Many uses in any craft and hobby projects.  Easy to cut and run through a die cut machine.  Three different thicknesses to choose from:  .010 thick, .015 thick and .030 thick. 

 (The blue in the photo is not the color of the sheet.  It is a protective film on the sheet that is easily removed)