Retail Merchandisers

K & S Metal Center - #1005I

 Dimension: 11" x 19" x 27"      60 Pounds

Our # 1 seller for over 60 years, this display is a must for all local Hobby, Hardware, Craft and Art Material stores. With 86 different items this mixture reaches many different customers and will supply hundreds of projects. 12" pieces of Round Brass, Aluminum, and Copper tubing to go with Brass Rod, Strips and 4" x 10" sheets of Brass, Aluminum and Copper. (89 different items in all)

Imperial 1005I Display Contents (89 items)


Metric Metal Center - #1005M

 Dimension: 11" x 19" x 27" Weight 60 pounds

This display contains 89 different metric items all carded for quick resale and easy reordering. Sizes range from 1 MM up to 10 MM. A wide selection of aluminum tubing, brass tubing, brass strips, square tubes, brass rods, angels, channels, triangle, oval, copper, bendable metals and sheets. Material is 300mm long. Material is on a card so it is easy to inventory, sale, and protect.  Contact your favorite distributor or K&S for pricing and full details. Great addition to all stores worldwide!  (89 different items in all)

(Note:  4" wide sheets are not carded)


1005M Metric Center Contents (89 Items)


Aluminum Center - #3000


Dimension: 12" x 11" x 24"      Weight: 19 pounds


This rack features round and square tubing, rod, and sheet in 12 inch length. These  round tubes, rods, and sheets are 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, very strong, yet lightweight.  The square tubing is 3003-H14 aluminum alloy, very easy to work and form.  Rods 1/32, 1/16, and 3/32 are alloy 1100-0.  All other rod sizes are 6061-T6. This carefully engineered line of aluminum product has unlimited uses in the development of all types of projects.

3000 Aluminum Center Contents

3000 Aluminum Center Light Load Contents


Tube & Wire Center -  #4800

  Dimension: 33.5" x 17" x 6.5"     Weight: 68 pounds        

This "Must Have" display has become a staple in the hobby industry.  With 48 items in 3 feet lengths, it contains the items and lengths hobbyists require.  It has sold for decades and it will continue to produce a steady flow of income.  The smaller diameter tubes, rods, and music wire are now packaged with a small rubber sleeve to seperate for retail sales.

4800 Tube & Wire Center Contents

4800 Tube & Wire Center Light Load Contents


Foil & Shim Series- #6000

These pegable packages feature 4 different types of metals to fit numerous applications of hobbyist, crafters and artist.   Brass, aluminum, copper and stainless steel soft foils. These lightweight metals are perfect for punching, embossing, crimping and cutting.  Each size is available in a 12" wide x 30" long roll.  Also offer the thickness in 5" x 7" sizes as well. 

 6000 Foil & Shim Content Sheet


Jumbo Metal Center - #9100

Dimensions: 33.5" x 17" x 6.5"     73 Pounds

9100 Jumbo Metal Center Contents

9100 Jumbo Metal Center Light Load Contents


Meter Rack-  #3900 

Dimension: 47" x 17" x 6.5"         Weight:  70 pounds

Great for retail stores overseas and within the USA as well.  All material is true metric sizing and meter length (39.375").  The display is filled with round aluminun tubing, round brass tubing, spring steel music wire, round brass rods, round copper tubing and thin wall brass tubing.  48 different sizes ranging from:

3900 Meter Display Contents

3900 Meter Display Light Load Contents


Structural Sheet Metal- #6400

Dimensions: 20" x 12" x 7"    24 Pounds

This "one of a kind" display features a selection of 12 heavily sought after pieces of brass, copper, aluminum, tin coated steel and phosphate bronze in 6" x 12" sheets.  A must for every hardware store, hobby shop, and do it yourself centers.

6400 Sheet Metal Display Contents

6400 Sheet Metal Display Light Load Contents


Stainless Steel Center - #7100


     Dimensions: 21" x 14 x 8"        27 pounds

This display contains 28 different items of stainless steel.  The strip and sheet feature a protective PVC peal off covering that maintains and ensures one side will have a bright & shiny finish.  The display contains a mixture of tubing, rod and strip all 12" long and carded.  The 3 sizes of sheets are 6" x 12".

7100 Stainless Steel Center Contents

7100 Stainless Steel Center Light Load Contents


This unique display features 48 highly sought after items that can now be found in one place. We have combined large diameter tubing in both brass and aluminum along with heavier wall tubing  both materials. To complete the package there are stainless steel tubing and brass strips along with four sizes of copper tubing all displayed in a beautiful merchandiser. All items are 36” lengths.