Our Mission

the heartbeat of K&S Precision metals

K&S Precision Metals has experienced many different paradigm shifts throughout it's 75+ existence, but the overall mission has always remained the same. 

Serve You. Serve Our Team.

We're grateful to have many trailblazers walk through the doors over the last 75 years. Many of you remember them and what they have done for you. For us, they are pillars of why our company still stands firmly grounded today. 

We still continue to employ, promote, and serve new trailblazers within our team that will write additional chapters of K&S Precision Metals' history for years to come. Many of the ideas that are brought to your stores, homes, or creations; often is not an idea of management, but of the hands that create the same product that you find in your local retail outfitter. 

We continue to stand amazed at the people doing the hardest work within our walls, and it is an honor to stand alongside them as we serve You

K&S Precision Metals proudly serves You. 

We have listened to your suggestions and praises for over 75 years. We have also listened to where we can improve and how we can better serve our great customers. We have learned to evolve to better serve You in an ever-changing industry, marketplace, and society. 

K&S Precision Metals founder, Wally Simmers, would not believe how far You have taken his original idea from humble beginnings over 75 years ago. 

That is why we continue with the mantra of: Our Materials, Your Creations

We stress that You are the why behind why we continue to grow in tandem with our great team. It is with humility that we say, we do not know everything that can be done with our valued and admired materials. That's why we're counting on You to continue to grow with us for the next 75 years and let your creativity run free as You decide how you use our products.

Times change. New ideas emerge. 

Prices change. Our materials value stay the same. 

Marketplaces change. Our journey and mission to serve hold true. 

Our Hobby portion at K&S is an on-growing market that has been around for 75+ years. We provide carded stock material and Display Racks. The most common industries that use are products are shown below:

- Hobbyists

- DIY Builds

- Arts & Crafts

- Scale Models

- Stop-motion Animation

- Model Trains 

- Woodworking

- Electrical

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