Throughout the world, there are extraordinarily talented individuals who have been honing their craft and sharing their work with the world. We aim to explore a collective of creators who have been inspiring communities all around the globe.

Hence the name, K&S Creator’s Collective.

Being in business over 75 years, our materials have been in the hands of many different creators and the subject of many different creations. Many have fond memories of stepping into their local hardware store or hobby shop to see our nostalgic display racks, while others may have had our “brand name” passed down from their friends, family, or shop teachers.

No matter how you know the name, K&S Precision Metals has been blessed with loyalty from so many talented customers over the years.

Now, in a new adventure, we look to bring you a viewpoint of who is using our products as well an in-depth look into creator’s lives, shops, studios, and more.
Filmmakers, carpenters, welders, crafters, cosplayers, tinkerers, and so many more are the “make-up” of a community of makers. All these types of creators bleed a “Do It Yourself” (“DIY”) approach and we can’t help but be amazed at the brilliance of what they are coming up with.

Many of the talented individuals we are showcasing have been previously featured in film, television, or by another means of media or word of mouth. Many others may be relatively new to their craft but have a unique approach to the talents they procure. No matter how big or small their audience or fanbase, we are determined to bring viewers with us on a journey into their lives & creations.

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A creator can be defined as “a person or thing that brings something into existence.”

A collective is defined as “a cooperative enterprise.”

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Who we are

Ted (left) and Scott (right) currently helm the marketing & advertising team for K&S Precision Metals.

The concept of the K&S Creator's Collective YouTube channel was developed after having numerous conversations about the type of customers that use K&S products. After diving deep into a talented community of makers and creators, the idea of K&S Creator's Collective has now become a reality. 

Ted has been filming and editing since a very young age and Scott has over 10 years of stage performing experience from his work in the Chicago music scene. Together, their backgrounds allow for bringing an episodic experience to fellow creators and appreciators of all things creative.