The Metal Center

Meet the Backbone of K&S Precision Metals: The Metal Center Rack.

A beloved classic in our lineup, the Metal Center boasts a storied history, making it our flagship offering. But its enduring popularity is also rooted in its sheer utility—it encapsulates everything a shop owner or DIY enthusiast craves for their projects.

It serves as your visual reference when you are trying to find the perfect match for screws, bolts, or other components and fasteners.

With an impressive array of brass, copper, and aluminum, along with a choice of tubing, rod, sheet, and strip, The Metal Center Display Rack is your versatile ally, capable of tackling any task.

Industries used in: Hardware, Hobby, DIY, Electrical, Studio, Creative

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The Tube & Wire Center

The "Big Brother" to The Metal Center Display Rack.

Showcasing the "Tube & Wire" portion of the Metal Center, this display rack extends your material options to generous 36" lengths.

Whether you require extended lengths of aluminum tubing, brass tubing, or music wire, this rack caters to the needs of those seeking ample materials to bring their projects to fruition or to tackle complex challenges with ease. Upgrade your materials selection with our extended-length offerings and unlock limitless possibilities for your creative and practical endeavors with The Tube & Wire Center.

Industries used in: Hardware, Hobby, DIY

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The Combo Rack

Discover the synergy of our Combo Rack, a fusion of premium offerings from our brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper product lines. Building upon the foundation set by the Metal Center, this rack complements it perfectly with no cross over products.

Incorporating the same essential tubing, rod, sheet, and strip options as the Metal Center, The Combo Rack takes it a step further by introducing our captivating range of metal foils. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of crafting and craftsmanship, where creativity meets quality, and elevate your projects to new levels of excellence.

Industries used in: Hobby, DIY, Arts & Crafts, Hardware

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The Jumbo Display Rack

Introducing our Jumbo Rack, thoughtfully designed to accommodate our most substantial diameters of tubing in tandem with a collection of brass strip,

From robust brass tubing and aluminum tubing to copper tubing, stainless steel tubing, and brass strips – all available in 36" lengths – this rack is tailored for professionals requiring exceptionally durable metals to meet the demands of their tasks. Elevate your projects with materials that offer unwavering strength and reliability.

Industries used in: Automotive, Industrial, Hardware, Custom-Work

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The Meter Display Rack

If you're already a fan of our Tube & Wire Center and prefer working with metric measurements, we have the ideal solution for you: The Meter Display Rack.

As a globally-minded company, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to our international customers, catering to their specific requirements for metric tubing, wire, and rod. Your precision needs met, the metric way.

Industries used in: Hardware, Hobby, DIY

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The Metric Center

The Metric Center draws inspiration from The Metal Center, offering a parallel array of materials meticulously tailored to the metric system.

Distinguished from its imperial system counterpart, The Metric Center goes beyond, featuring a spectrum of offerings that includes color foils, decorative tubing options, and versatile bendable products. Elevate your precision craftmanship with this comprehensive collection designed metric applications.

Industries used in: Hardware, Hobby, DIY, Electrical, Studio, Creative

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