Material Compliances, Alloys, and Additional Information

With 75+ years of customer trust, we want you to know what high quality looks like from the inside out.

Our Products Are:

  • Proposition 65 Compliant

    At K&S Precision Metals, we ensure our materials align with the regulations outlined in Proposition 65. This proposition mandates the disclosure of certain chemicals present in products, ensuring consumers are informed about potential exposures. Rest assured, our materials meet Proposition 65 compliance standards, reflecting our commitment to product safety and transparency.

  • REACH Compliant

    At K&S Precision Metals, our materials adhere to the requirements outlined by REACH Compliance. This regulation aims to ensure the safe use and circulation of chemicals within the European Union. We take pride in offering materials that meet REACH standards, underscoring our commitment to both product safety and environmental responsibility.

  • RoHS Compliant

    At K&S Precision Metals, we prioritize RoHS Compliance for our materials. This directive restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Our dedication to offering RoHS-compliant materials underscores our commitment to environmentally responsible and safe product options.

  • Hazardous Materials Compliant

    At K&S Precision Metals, we uphold Hazardous Materials Compliance rigorously. This encompasses adhering to regulations that govern the safe handling, storage, and transportation of potentially dangerous substances. Our commitment to meeting hazardous materials compliance standards reflects our dedication to ensuring the well-being of our customers, employees, and the environment.

Alloys & Material Types

Brass Tubing (Alloy 260/272):
With a balance of copper and zinc, this 1/2 - 3/4 hard brass tubing boasts seamless construction and a mill finish in accordance with ASTM B135 standards.

Brass Rod (Alloy 260):
Meticulously engineered with a 1/4 hard temper, K&S brass rod showcases a graceful equilibrium between strength and flexibility. The mill finish, aligned with ASTM B134 standards, imparts an extra layer of refinement to its exceptional quality.

Brass Sheet & Strip (Alloy 260):
Crafted with precision and a 1/2 hard temper, this alloy embodies a seamless blend of resilience and adaptability. Its mill finish, compliant with the exacting ASTM B36 standards, adds an elegant touch to its inherent excellence.

Aluminum Tubing
Wall Thickness .014" & .016" (Alloy 3003-H14):
For wall thicknesses measuring .014" and .016", we employ Alloy 3003-H14, a choice renowned for its precision and durability.

Wall Thickness .035" & .049" (Alloy 6061-T6):
When it comes to wall thicknesses of .035" and .049", we turn to Alloy 6061-T6, esteemed for its robustness and reliability.

Aluminum Rod
Outside Diameter 1/32" - 3/32" (Alloy 1100-O):
Utilizing Alloy 1100-O, designed for precision and flexibility, with a diameter range of 1/32" to 3/32".

Outside Diameter 1/8" - 1/2" (Alloy 6061-T6):
Employing Alloy 6061-T6, renowned for its strength and resilience, available in diameters ranging from 1/8" to 1/2".

Aluminum Sheet
.016", .032" & (.064" X 4" X 10") Thickness (Alloy 3003-H14):

Thicknesses of 0.016" and 0.032", are crafted from Alloy 3003 H14. The 4" X 6" size of .064" thick aluminum sheet is also made from Alloy 3003-H14. This alloy is recognized for its quality and reliability.

(.064" X 6" X 12"), .090" & .125" Thickness (Alloy 6061-T6):
Sheets with thicknesses of 0.064", 0.090", and 0.125", all measuring 6" x 12", are composed of Alloy 6061 T-6, a choice celebrated for its durability and strength.

Aluminum Foil / Non Color Foil (Alloy 1100, Soft):
Our aluminum foil is made from Alloy 1100-O, which means it's in a soft and flexible state. This makes it easy to shape and mold for various applications. The 'O' designation indicates that it's annealed, enhancing its pliability. It's a versatile choice for tasks where a soft, easily workable Aluminum foil is needed.

Aluminum Color Foil (Alloy 1235, Soft):
Our anodized aluminum color foil is crafted from Alloy 1235-0, which means it's soft and highly malleable. This makes it ideal for applications where you need a foil that can be easily shaped and molded. Additionally, the '0' designation indicates that it's annealed, enhancing its flexibility and ensuring it's well-suited for tasks requiring a soft and pliable aluminum foil with a vibrant anodized color finish.

Copper Tubing (Alloy 122):
With high quality forging, our copper tubing boasts the superior qualities of Alloy 122. The seamless construction ensures impeccable integrity, while its mill finish, aligned with the stringent ASTM B251 standards, adds a touch of sophistication to its inherent excellence.

Copper Rod (Alloy 110):
A testament to precision craftsmanship, our copper rod showcases the distinctive characteristics of Alloy 110. K&S copper rod is adorned with a mill finish, meeting the rigorous standards set by ASTM B249.

Copper Sheet & Strip (Alloy 110):
With precision and expertise, our copper sheet and strip showcase the unique characteristics of Alloy 110. The mill finish, conforming to the tight standards of ASTM B152, is always a benefit for any project or hobby.

Copper Foil (Alloy 110, Soft):
Our copper foil is made from Alloy 110, which is known for being soft and highly flexible. This means it can be easily shaped and bent to fit various purposes. If you need copper foil that's easy to work with and mold into different forms, this soft Alloy 110 option is a great choice.

Stainless Steel Tubing (Alloy 304/304L - Welded):
A testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, our stainless steel tubing is engineered to embody the distinctive traits of Alloy 304/304L stainless steel. Created through a welding process per ASTM A269 standards, they are a perfect fusion of strength and resistance against corrosion. It's important to note that our stainless steel tubing is not considered telescopic.

Stainless Steel Rod

Outside Diameters 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" (Alloy 302):
For diameters of 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8", we offer Alloy 302 rods. These are engineered with precision, combining strength and versatility seamlessly. They stand as a mark of our commitment to delivering reliable solutions.

Outside Diameters 3/16" & Above (Alloy 303):
For diameters of 3/16" and above, our Alloy 303 rods step in. Crafted with expertise, they exude a harmonious blend of strength and endurance. These rods bear testament to our endeavor to provide impeccable solutions that stand the test of time.

Stainless Steel Sheet & Strip (Alloy 430):
An embodiment of our unwavering commitment to excellence, our stainless steel sheet and strip encapsulate the distinct qualities of Alloy 430 stainless steel.

Featuring a 2BA (Bright Annealed) finish accompanied by a clear PVC coating on one side, these sheets and strips are crafted with precision to harmonize aesthetics and functionality. This type of finish enhances both the visual appeal and the protective capabilities of the material.

Our Alloy 430 stainless steel sheets and strips stand make a statement to our dedication to providing reliable solutions that cater to both form and function. With every sheet and strip, we showcase an exceptional blend of quality, durability, and a touch of elegance that resonates with our commitment to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Stainless Steel Foil (Alloy 304, Soft):
Our stainless steel foil is crafted from Alloy 304, which is soft and highly flexible. This means it's easy to shape and bend to suit a variety of applications. If you need stainless steel foil that's malleable and versatile, this soft Alloy 304 option is an excellent choice.

Tin Coated Sheet (ASTM B545)

.008" Thickness:
For sheets with a thickness of .008 inches, we proudly offer a solution that speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence: Electrolytic tin coated carbon steel. This specific finish, applied in accordance with the rigorous ASTM B545 standards, is a result of an electrolytic plating process.

Electrolytic tin coating involves immersing the carbon steel sheet in an electrolytic solution containing tin salts. An electrical current is passed through the solution, causing tin ions to deposit onto the surface of the steel sheet. This creates a thin but highly uniform layer of tin that provides several beneficial attributes. This process results in a surface that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for various environments. It also imparts a polished appearance that enhances the sheet's aesthetic appeal.

.013" Thickness:
For sheets measuring 0.013" in thickness, our offering is the Dull Matte tin coated carbon steel. This finish, compliant with the exacting ASTM B545 standards, adds a touch of subtlety and elegance to the material.

The 'Dull Matte' finish, also referred to as a 'Matte' or 'Satin' finish, is achieved through a controlled process that imparts a subdued, non-reflective surface appearance to the tin-coated sheet. Unlike traditional polished or glossy finishes, the Dull Matte finish exudes a gentle, finely textured sheen that minimizes light reflection.

The Dull Matte finish serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it enhances the sheet's aesthetics by giving it a unique and refined appearance that sets it apart from conventional finishes. On the other hand, this finish can also provide certain practical benefits, such as reduced glare and improved fingerprint resistance.

Phosphorus Bronze Sheet (Alloy 510):
Representing our commitment to quality, our phosphorus bronze sheet embodies the unique characteristics of Alloy 510 phosphor bronze.

Alloy 510, renowned for its exceptional spring properties and corrosion resistance, ensures these sheets serve as a reliable choice for a variety of applications.

Our Alloy 510 phosphorus bronze sheets encapsulate a harmonious fusion of strength and flexibility. With their spring temper and inherent corrosion resistance, they offer a blend of performance and durability that resonates with our pursuit of quality.

Music Wire (ASTM A228):
An expression of our commitment to dependable solutions, our K&S Music Wire embodies the attributes of carbon steel that's both spring-tempered and phosphate-coated. Complying with ASTM A228 standards, it underscores our emphasis on maintaining high quality.

Crafted for resilience and performance, our music wire delivers optimal spring properties. The phosphate coating enhances its durability and slows does the corrosion process, ensuring suitability for various applications.

Music wire, often recognized as piano wire or wire spring, boasts a harmonious balance of strength and flexibility. It's a choice that echoes our aim to deliver dependable solutions, tailor-made for diverse needs.


* Note: All tolerance information applies to SKU products and does not apply to anything related to a custom cut job or service.

*Brass tubing tolerances apply to round, square, and rectangular shapes only.

Outside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .002"
Inside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .002"

Length Tolerances
12" Lengths: +/- .032"
36" Lengths: +/- 1/16"

*Aluminum tubing tolerances apply to round and square shapes only.

.014" Wall
Outside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .002"
Wall Thickness Tolerance: +/- .002"

.016" Wall
Outside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .003"
Wall Thickness Tolerance: +/- .002"

.035" Wall
Outside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .003"
Wall Thickness Tolerance: +/- .003"

.049" Wall
Outside Diameter Tolerance: +/- .003"
Wall Thickness Tolerance: +/- .003"

Length Tolerances
12" Lengths: +/- .032"
36" Lengths: +/- 1/16"

Diameter Tolerance: +/- .002"

Length Tolerances
12" Lengths: +/- .032"
36" Lengths: +/- 1/16"

Diameter Tolerance: +/- .008"

Length Tolerances
12" Lengths: +/- .032"
36" Lengths: +/- 1/16"

Thickness Tolerance: +/- .001"
Width Tolerance: +/- .010"

Length Tolerances
12" Lengths: +/- .032"
36" Lengths: +/- 1/16"

Thickness Tolerance: +/- .001"
Width x Length Tolerance: (+/- .032") x (+/- .032")

Diameter Tolerance: +/- .002"
Length Tolerance: +/- 1/16"

Reasons Why Customers Have Chosen Our High Quality Metals For Over 75 Years

  • Compliant, Reliable, and Locally Sourced Metal Solutions from a Trusted U.S.A. Manufacturer

    As a manufacturer in the United States, we prioritize compliance with stringent industry and environmental regulations, ensuring our metal products meet the highest quality standards. Our reputation for reliability stems from consistent product performance, backed by a streamlined supply chain for prompt deliveries. Choosing us also contributes to the local economy, supporting jobs and communities while securing dependable, domestically sourced metal solutions.

  • We Exceed Lead-Free Standards in the Metal Supply Industry.

    Our commitment to lead-free products reflects our dedication to safety, compliance, and sustainability in the metal industry. By choosing lead-free materials, we prioritize the well-being of our customers, employees, and the environment. Our products not only meet stringent regulations but also enhance consumer trust and expand market opportunities. In this way, we strengthen our bond with both responsible practices and our valued customers, ensuring a safer and more sustainable future for all.