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When you choose K&S Precision Metals, you embark on a journey of teaming with us. Let's delve into how this story has evolved and grown over time.

Customers That Order From Us

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Arts & Entertainment

Unlock boundless creativity with K&S products, the ultimate choice for a spectrum of artistic endeavors. From sculpting and jewelry making to captivating applications in the entertainment industry like prop-making, puppetry, and stop motion animation, our versatile materials empower artists and visionaries alike to bring their unique ideas to life. Discover why K&S is the preferred partner for those who demand the best in their craft.

Do It Yourself & Hardware

At K&S, we've earned the unwavering trust of DIY enthusiasts and seasoned craftsmen alike. Whether you're delving into the ancient art of bladesmithing or tackling everyday home improvement projects, our materials are your dependable companions. From simple fixes to intricate creations, K&S provides the solutions you need to bring your visions to life with confidence and precision.

Automotive & Transportation

In industries characterized by intricate systems, such as the automobile industry, the reliance on precision metals is paramount. Whether it's for crafting OEM parts that meet industry standards or for conducting repairs and maintenance with the utmost accuracy, shops and manufacturers turn to K&S components. We've become the trusted choice, enabling businesses to not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations, ensuring every operation runs smoothly, and every vehicle performs flawlessly.

Aerospace & Engineering

Beyond model making, our products are integral to aerodynamic and space infrastructure. Whether for crafting precision instruments or engineering massive constructions, K&S materials are the cornerstone of innovation. Our versatile components also empower daring experiments, from crafting custom motors and carburetors to engineering intricate mechanical systems, all with the exceptional quality and precision that define our company.

Technology & Electronics

In the ever-evolving world of technology, smaller is often smarter. Precision parts play a pivotal role in crafting the semiconductors and circuitry that power our modern devices, and K&S Precision Metals is at the forefront. Our products are the linchpin in the functionality of medical electronics, audio equipment, musical instruments, and cutting-edge robotics. Count on K&S for the miniature components that drive the future of innovation, making every device work seamlessly.

Models & Hobby Kits

Our journey began in 1946, catering to the passionate community of hobbyists and model makers. Since then, K&S products have become a cornerstone for those crafting trains, boats, planes, and much more. As hobbyists discovered a trusted source for their metal parts, we uncovered the incredible versatility of our materials. Scale model enthusiasts and companies alike started integrating K&S into their kits, offering customers a world of endless possibilities.