Round Brass Tube: 1/16" OD x 0.014" Wall x 36" Long (5 Pieces)

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Round brass tubing, the bread & butter of the K&S brand.

Brass is a tough and long-lasting metal that stands up well to corrosion, making it a top pick for tough conditions. This versatile brass tubing finds its place in various tasks, such as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical projects. Crafted from top-notch materials, our brass tubing is user-friendly, making it perfect for DIY projects and professional endeavors alike.

See the Specifications and Customer Uses sections for more detailed information.

  • Material Type: Brass
  • Product Shape: Round Tube
  • Outside Diameter: 1/16"
  • Wall Thickness: .014"
  • Inside Diameter:.035"
  • Length: 36"
  • Alloy: 260/272
  • Pieces Per Pack: 5

- Piping and Plumbing: Brass tubes are commonly used in plumbing systems for carrying water or gas due to their resistance to corrosion. They are also used for connecting pipes and fittings.

- Musical Instruments: Brass tubes are a key component in the construction of various musical instruments like trumpets, trombones, and French horns. They are used for creating instrument bodies and tubing.

- Model Making: Model builders and hobbyists use brass tubes for creating miniature structures, architectural models, and precision components due to their malleability and ease of cutting.

- Jewelry Making: Jewelers use small-diameter brass tubes to create intricate beads, wire connectors, and design elements for unique jewelry pieces.

- Custom Spacers: Fabricate custom spacers or standoffs for electronics or machinery, providing separation and support between components.

- Agricultural Equipment: Brass tubes can be used in various agricultural equipment, such as irrigation systems and pumps, thanks to their corrosion resistance.

- Arts and Crafts: Artists and crafters incorporate brass tubes into their projects for adding structural elements, decorative accents, or unique design elements.

- Educational Demonstrations: Brass tubes are used in educational settings for experiments and demonstrations related to fluid dynamics, physics, and engineering.

- Medical Devices: In some medical applications, brass tubes are used as components in medical devices and equipment due to their biocompatibility and durability.

- Architectural and Decorative Elements: Brass tubes are used in architectural designs and interior decor, such as handrails, staircases, balusters, curtain rods, and decorative trim for their aesthetic appeal and durability.

- Automotive Applications: In the automotive industry, brass tubes are used for brake lines, fuel lines, and cooling system components due to their resistance to corrosion and high-temperature stability.

- DIY Projects: Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts use brass tubes for various creative projects, including model building, sculptures, custom lighting fixtures, and craftwork.

- Thermocouples: Brass tubes can be used as protective sheaths for thermocouples to measure temperature in industrial processes.

- Marine Applications: In marine environments, brass tubes are used for boat fittings, navigation equipment, and underwater cables due to their corrosion resistance in saltwater.