Bendable Brass Rod Assortment: (1/16", 3/64") x 12" Long (1 Piece Each)

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This assortment pack contains 1 of each of the following diameters:
- 1/16"
- 3/64"

Discover the exceptional qualities of our bendable brass rod assortment. Crafted for versatility and reliability, these rods offer remarkable malleability, allowing you to shape them to your precise needs in applications ranging from furniture crafting to instrument design. Their inherent corrosion resistance ensures longevity, making them an excellent choice for projects where durability matters. Choose our bendable brass rod assortment for superior performance and ease of use in a variety of applications.

See the Specifications and Customer Uses sections for more detailed information.

  • Material Type: Brass
  • Product Shape: Round Rod
  • Outside Diameter: Various (See Description)
  • Length: 12"
  • Alloy: 260/272
  • Pieces Per Pack: 2

- Crafts and Jewelry Making: Create custom jewelry, sculptures, or decorative crafts by bending and shaping the wire into intricate designs. Different diameters allow for various levels of detail.

- Wire Sculptures: Craft three-dimensional sculptures by bending and twisting the wire into desired shapes. The assortment of diameters can help achieve different textures and forms.

- Mechanical Linkages: Use the wire to build mechanical linkages or control systems for small robots, automations, or prototypes. The variety of diameters allows for different levels of strength and flexibility.

- Educational Projects: Teach basic principles of physics, mechanics, or engineering by using the wire to create simple machines, pulley systems, or demonstrations.

- Repair Work: Repair or reinforce broken items around the house, such as repairing a wire fence or patching up a garden trellis.

- Custom Springs: Create custom springs for small-scale applications like toys, mechanical devices, or hobbyist projects. Different diameters and lengths can be used to adjust spring stiffness.

- Prototyping: Rapidly prototype ideas by using the wire to create structural elements for proof-of-concept models.

- Automotive Repairs: In some cases, smaller diameter wire can be used for automotive repairs or securing components in place.

- Crafting Miniatures: Create miniature structures, furniture, or accessories for dioramas and model railways.

- Custom Fishing Lures: Craft custom fishing lures by fashioning hooks and components from the wire to suit specific fishing conditions.