Brass Square & Rectangular Tube Assortment (11 Pieces)

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This assortment pack contains 1 piece of the following diameters in 12" lengths:

Square Brass Tubing
- 1/16"
- 3/32"
- 1/8"
- 5/32"
- 3/16"
- 7/32"
- 1/4"

Rectangular Brass Tubing
- 3/32" x 3/16"
- 1/8" x 1/4"
- 5/32" x 5/16"
- 3/16" x 3/8"

Precision-crafted for versatility and dependability, this assortment of square & rectangular brass tubing showcases exceptional design flexibility, allowing effortless customization to meet your specific needs across a diverse range of applications. From architectural projects to structural components, these brass tubes offer unrivaled versatility. With inherent corrosion resistance and robust construction, they ensure enduring performance, making them the ideal choice for projects where both durability and precise shapes matter.

See the Specifications and Customer Uses sections for more detailed information.

  • Material Type: Brass
  • Outside Diameter: Various (See Description)
  • Wall Thickness: .014"
  • Length: 12"
  • Alloy: 260/272
  • Pieces Per Pack: 11

- Shelving and Racks: Build custom shelves, display racks, or storage units. Rectangular tubing's structural integrity can support heavy items.

- Furniture Making: Design and construct furniture components such as table legs, chair frames, or bed frames. The tubing's strength and durability make it suitable for these purposes.

- Architectural Models: Use rectangular brass tubing for architectural model building, especially when replicating modern buildings with angular features.

- Decorative Trim: Add decorative trim to furniture, cabinetry, or architectural elements like door frames and window surrounds.

- Custom Lighting: Create custom lighting fixtures, lamp bases, or pendant lights by bending and shaping square tubing into unique designs.

- DIY Furniture Legs: Design and build modern furniture legs, such as coffee table or bench legs, using square tubing for a contemporary look.

- Hobby and Craft Projects: Square tubing is suitable for various hobby and craft projects, such as model building, dioramas, and sculptures.

- Vehicle Modifications: Fabricate custom components for motorcycles, bicycles, or automotive projects, such as handlebars or frames.

- Prototyping: Rapidly prototype mechanical or structural components for inventions and engineering projects.

- Stop Motion Animation Rigging: Use brass tubing to build custom rigs for your stop motion characters or objects. This allows for controlled movements and precise positioning during animation.

- Armature Construction: Brass tubing can be used to build armatures (skeletal structures) for stop motion puppets or characters. Its strength and rigidity make it an ideal choice to support the puppet's weight and allow for precise movement.