Brass Strip: 0.093" Thick x 1/4" Wide x 36" Long (4 Pieces)

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Brass strip is a versatile and reliable material prized for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for various applications, particularly in harsh environments like marine and outdoor settings. Precision-crafted for resistance to wear and tear, our brass strip maintains its integrity in demanding conditions.

See the Specifications and Customer Uses sections for more detailed information.

  • Material Type: Brass
  • Product Shape: Strip
  • Thickness: .093"
  • Width X Length:1/4" x 36"
  • Alloy: 260
  • Pieces Per Pack: 4

- Decorative Inlays: Use thin brass strips as decorative inlays in woodworking projects, such as on furniture, cabinets, or picture frames. They add an elegant touch.

- Electrical Contacts: In electronics and electrical applications, brass strips are used as electrical contacts or connectors due to their conductivity and corrosion resistance.

- Metalworking: Brass sheets are commonly used in metalworking projects, such as machining, stamping, or engraving. They can be cut, bent, and formed into various shapes and designs.

- Etching and Engraving: Brass sheets are ideal for etching and engraving intricate patterns, designs, or text for decorative or informational purposes.

- Model Building: Brass strip & sheet are often used in model building, whether for architectural models, scale replicas, or miniature hobby projects. They can be bent, cut, and soldered to create detailed structures.

- Jewelry Making: Craft unique jewelry pieces by cutting and shaping brass strips into desired designs. You can also engrave or texture the surface for added aesthetics.

- Repair Work: Brass strip or sheet can be used for repairs in various applications, such as fixing metal or wooden items, reinforcing weak joints, or patching holes.

- Art and Sculpture: Artists and sculptors use brass sheet or strip to create sculptures, wall art, or intricate designs due to their malleability and corrosion resistance.

- Signage: Brass sheets are suitable for creating durable and attractive signs, plaques, or directional markers for businesses, institutions, or public spaces.

- Hinges and Latches: Brass strips can serve as hinges and latches for boxes, cabinets, doors, or gates. They provide durability and a rustic appearance.

- Craft Projects: Incorporate brass strips into craft projects, like scrapbooking, cardmaking, or mixed media art, for unique embellishments.

- Roofing and Cladding: In construction, brass sheets are used for roofing, cladding, and architectural details. They provide durability and a distinctive appearance.

- Lampshades and Light Fixtures: Brass sheets can be used to craft unique lampshades, light fixtures, or lanterns, allowing for beautiful ambient lighting.