Round Copper Rod: 3/32" OD x 12" Long (1 Piece)

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Copper rod is a highly versatile material with a variety of applications. As an excellent electric conductor, copper rod is commonly found in wiring or other electronic components. However, it can be used in many applications, including knife making, machining, décor, or model making.

See the Specifications and Customer Uses sections for more detailed information.

  • Material Type: Copper
  • Product Shape: Round Rod
  • Outside Diameter: 3/32"
  • Length: 12"
  • Alloy: 110
  • Pieces Per Pack: 1

- Electrical Conductors: Round copper rods are primarily used as electrical conductors in wiring, cables, and electrical components due to their high electrical conductivity. They are essential for transmitting electrical current in power distribution systems.

- Machining and Fabrication: Copper rods serve as raw materials for machining custom parts, fasteners, connectors, and components in manufacturing and industrial processes.

- Thermal Conductors: They are used in applications where efficient heat transfer is required, such as in heat exchangers, radiators, and heat sinks for electronic devices.

- Musical Instruments: Copper rods are used in the construction of musical instruments like trumpets, trombones, and horns due to their acoustic properties and ability to produce clear and resonant sounds.

- Artistic and Sculptural Creations: Artists and sculptors use copper rods to create sculptures, kinetic art, and mixed-media artwork due to their malleability and distinctive appearance when patinaed.

- DIY Projects: DIY enthusiasts use copper rods for various home improvement projects, including custom handles, hooks, curtain rods, and garden stakes.

- Educational Demonstrations: Copper rods are used in educational settings to demonstrate principles related to electricity, magnetism, and materials science.

- Automotive Components: They find applications in automotive components, including electrical connectors, spark plugs, and wiring harnesses.

- Fasteners: Copper rods can be used to create custom fasteners, bolts, nuts, and screws for specialized applications where copper's properties are advantageous.

- Plumbing Fittings: In some cases, copper rods are used to create custom plumbing fittings and connectors where copper's corrosion resistance is essential.

- Jewelry Making: Copper rods can be used by jewelry makers for creating unique and handcrafted jewelry pieces.

- Metalworking: Copper rods are used as structural supports and alignment tools in metalworking and welding applications.