Hobby Rotary Tool & Embosser

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*Unfortunately, our Hobby Rotary Tool & Embosser are no longer in production, but we still have a limited supply available for purchase. Please note that all sales of the Hobby Rotary Tool / Embosser are final and returns will not be accepted. 

When you are in a pinch and are in need of multiple tools to finish your hobby or craft, calling on the K&S Hobby Rotary Tool & Embosser may be just what you need. With replaceable components that feature an embossing tool, grinding wheel, sharpening tool, and more - this multi talented rotary tool can be the best friend you need for working with metal parts like tubing or rod. 

This product requires 4, AA batteries (not included) and runs at a speed of 13,000 RPM. The packaging contains the following:
- 1 Battery Operated Rotary Tool
- 3/32" Chuck
- 2 Grinding Wheels (Fits into 3/32" chuck)
- 1 Sharpener (Fits into 3/32" chuck)
- 1 Embosser (Fits into 3/32" chuck)
- 1/16" Chuck
- 1 Drill (Fits into 1/16" chuck)
- 1/8" Chuck (No additional components provided)