Stainless Steel Strip: 0.030" Thick x 1/2" Wide x 12" Long (1 Piece)

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Stainless steel strips are versatile materials with widespread benefits across industries. Their remarkable strength and corrosion resistance make them the top choice for durable and long-lasting applications. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a mechanical engineer, or a metalworking professional, our stainless steel sheet and strip provide reliable performance for a variety of needs.

See the Specifications and Customer Uses sections for more detailed information.

  • Material Type: Stainless Steel
  • Product Shape: Strip
  • Thickness: .030"
  • Width X Length:1/2" x 12"
  • Alloy: 430
  • Pieces Per Pack: 1

- DIY Projects: DIY enthusiasts use stainless steel sheets and strips for various home improvement projects, including custom backsplashes, countertops, and garden edging.

- Automotive Components: They are used in the automotive industry for manufacturing various components including trim, exhaust systems, and structural parts due to their strength and resistance to corrosion.

- Food Processing Equipment: Stainless steel sheets and strips are widely used in the food processing industry for machinery and equipment like conveyors, hoppers, and storage tanks due to their hygienic properties and resistance to corrosion.

- Architectural Cladding: Stainless steel sheets and strips are employed for architectural cladding, facades, and roofing in modern buildings due to their durability, aesthetics, and resistance to weathering.

- Medical Instruments: They are used for manufacturing medical instruments and devices such as surgical trays, dental tools, and diagnostic equipment due to their biocompatibility and sterilizability.

- Electrical Enclosures: They are employed in electrical enclosures, panel board systems, and junction boxes due to their electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

- Aircraft Components: They are used in aerospace applications, including aircraft fuselages, wings, and structural parts due to their lightweight properties and resistance to corrosion.

- Manufacturing Machinery: Stainless steel sheets and strips are used to construct manufacturing machinery and equipment for their durability and precision.

- Laboratory Equipment: Stainless steel sheets and strips are used in laboratories to support various equipment, countertops, and lab furniture due to their durability and resistance to chemicals.

- Automotive Trim: They are used for decorative trim, moldings, and accents in the automotive industry to enhance the appearance of vehicles.

- Custom Furniture: Designers and craftsmen often use stainless steel sheets and strips creatively to design custom furniture pieces with unique decorative trim elements.

- Table Edging: Stainless steel strips can be used to edge the perimeter of tabletops, providing a clean and polished look while protecting the edges from wear and damage.

- Cabinet and Drawer Hardware: Stainless steel strips and handles can be used as cabinet and drawer pulls, knobs, and decorative accents, enhancing the overall design of cabinets and storage units.